Essay Charismatic Leadership : A Charismatic Leader

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Charismatic Leadership
Charisma has been defined in many ways. Moreover, the definitions have enough consistency to make charisma a useful concept in understanding and participating leadership. Charisma is a Greek word that means “divinely inspired gift.” In the study of leadership, charisma is a special quality of leaders whose, purposes, powers, and extraordinary determination differentiates them from others. Generally, the term charismatic means to have a charming and colorful personality. Charisma is a positive and compelling quality that makes many others want to be led by the person that has it. Being that charisma is based on perceptions, an important element of charismatic leadership involves the attribution made by group members about the characteristics of leaders and the results they achieve. According to the attribution theory, if people perceive a leader to have a certain characteristic, such as being visionary, the leader is more likely to be perceived as charismatic (DuBrin, 2013). This paper will discuss charismatic relationship and identify potentials particular characteristic. Characteristics of Charisma There are many characteristics of charismatic leaders possess the ability to influence others through their own desirable “traits and characteristics” (DuBrin, 2013). They also influence others because of the skills, abilities, and knowledge they possess.…

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