Characters In Christian Sortino's Play: Into The Woods

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Into the Woods, a fairy tale mash-up of infamous characters that are known across the world with many interpretations. It begins the musical with a baker and his wife, Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood singing about how they wish to be happy. All the characters are tied into the baker and his wife’s life, for they cannot bear a child due to a curse set by the witch. When she comes to visit, she explains why their predicament has occurred which was a punishment, for the crimes of the baker’s father. In order to lift the curse, they must return with four items: A cow white as milk, a cape red as blood, a shoe made of gold, and hair golden as corn to return to the witch of what she lost, her beauty and youth. Forcing these characters …show more content…
When interacting, they present a strong character connection by acting as a husband and wife would presuming to be. Harward and Sortino’s interactions of voice and bringing out the characters’ emotions made them believable. Individually, their voices, facial expressions, and blocking did more than bring the character’s alive, but it presented a connection as to how someone would feel if they were in their situation.
Three screens aligned with each other show the different characters home: Jack, the baker’s, Cinderella. Though, it used minimal props the play’s scenery sufficed. As for the woods, the stage covered with beautiful cutouts of white trees, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. It was a simplistic design that made the world of Into the Woods come alive. The trees were moveable making it seem as if the character was in a different part of the woods and the scenery was easily moved and captured the needed view to complete the play as a
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Another, idea that would increase the play’s credibility by removing Cinderella’s father, for he made some scenes confusing by being there and disappearing towards the end of the play. Thirdly, I would had removed the baker’s father intervening in the play when helping the baker for it made it the play more difficult to understand.
The most memorable portion of the play was the scene of Mr. Wolf greeting Little Red. Although this scene had an underlying meaning that is a topic that makes most uncomfortable, the scene was executed very well. Furthermore, it took the play into an unexpected turn due to fairy tales usually having a more innocent tone. With this scene, it gave the play a dark, gloomy feel to it that life is not as what it seems. However, overall it gave this scene a complexity and a deeper understanding that many can seem like they are trying to help, but in reality they were causing

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