Characteristics Of The President Of The United States

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Everybody within the United States of America knows that there is one great symbol in the country that stands for our great nation as well as has a part in its control. That symbol is the President of the United States of America. People expect the President to do a lot of things throughout his term. They also believe him to be one of the highest person in the USA and the person who is president is the first person that officials from other nations will see. A lot of times the other nations judge our country by the way our president looks and acts when they first meet him. There are many roles a president plays as well as there are many characteristics that we as American people look for in our next president. With the election that just …show more content…
Those characteristics may be the same or different for each citizen but every single person will view their favored characteristics in each person and decide to vote for who they want as the next President of the United States of America. Some of these characteristics can be honesty, intelligence, endurance, cleverness, experience. All of these can help a person become president. People like to see the person show honesty even if the truth may hurt to hear it. Though sometimes and with certain people in the United States extreme honesty can be a very bad thing indeed, but it is always good for a president to be honest to the people they serve for. Being intelligent can also be a very good factor for a candidate to have while running for president because they will know what the citizens are looking for as well as they will know how to make the country a better place as well as know how to get the upper hand on certain situations. Having endurance is a key factor to me because if the president does not have the endurance to make it through an election then they may not have the endurance to make it through a term as the president. Having experience in the ways of the political system is also another characteristics people want to see in a president and that is because if people have experience in the political system then they will be able to know how to get their voice heard and what it takes to do in certain situations they will come to be in. The president may also need cleverness as well. Cleverness may prove to be good because they would know just what to say or do to get what they want or to get the results they wanted to see in certain issues and

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