Characteristics Of The Development Of International Relations

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Essay 2 One of the main characteristics of the development of international relations is trust. In essence the fact that a state can rely on the other to develop different aspects, either, social, economic, energetic or military, speaks out loud about the role of trust on relations. The whole European Union is a series of mechanisms based on trust among the states. Essentially speaking a country have become a trusted member of the European Union when it has upheld the basic principles of democracy, and human rights within its borders (European Democracies, 2013, Pg. 322). In order to interpret the idea of trust and how it is applied in European states it is necessary to answer several questions including: why do countries trust the EU? Under which premises countries trust the EU? And why is it a necessity of trust as a cornerstone of the institution? I would conceptualize trust among the states as the relations and agreements that these countries can hold based on the mutual development of the states. The EU itself is the best example of how trust plays a key factor on the definition of the relations.
As it is known, the EU was developed as an economic strategy to consolidate the power of the region in the international sphere. We can see how structurally the EU is based on a system of trust. Considering its framework as a supranational power in which the region can rule over the states. It can be shown on the fact that some states with higher economic power would invest…

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