Greedy Characteristics

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Do you remember in primary school when you were taught about the simple characteristics of people and places? Do you remember how you never understood them until you grew older? Exactly, the importance of one’s characteristics is never really understood until you grow older. Each person has his or her own unique attributes. On a day-to-day basis we encounter people who possess the attributes of greed or pride. Greedy people are the ones who tend to be selfish, manipulative and calculative. There are two types of pride: the sin (bad) or the virtue (good). Good pride characteristics are self-respect, dignity and honor whilst bad pride characteristics are arrogance, vanity and self-admiration. In this essay, I hope to briefly discuss how both …show more content…
Greed is virtually “no existe” because generally, “saving money for a rainy day” is not entertained by Spaniards. Spaniards prefer to live in the moment. A true Spaniard is never stingy, if you are – you are not a true Spaniard! The phrase “Oye, ¿tienes mil pesetas?” means give me seven dollars. “Si” – if a Spaniard has money, he will always give you some if you are in need. He may expect money or dinner in return but usually, invitations are not always returned nor promises always kept. In comparison, Americans are very greedy – good or bad. The obsession for money is very high for Americans. Money is an everyday topic conversation from Americans; they must work in order to get paid, money is not inherited. If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” is a sarcastic expression that can be heard sometimes from Americans. Being rich does not mean you are smart while being smart does not always ensure that you will be rich someday. An extremely generous American is a sign of greed as well but in a different form. Responding to any charitable request is almost an automatic deed. Sending donations abroad to “Adopt-a-Child” or to the Red Cross or giving donations to an alma mater is an act of kindness, which is the good kind of avarice. From rags-to-riches, Americans tend to be self-made because money is in

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