Ancient Hebrews Characteristics

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Though not godlike themselves, but rather divinely chosen, the kings of ancient Hebrews were representatives of god. Not only they had responsibilities for their subjects, but were viewed as superhuman. King was a military leader who fought for the safety and security of his people. A king served justice in between people; they are the top judge in their land, they are the defenders of the helpless and they are the abandoners of the individuals with the injustice behaviors. A king was one that people turned to for help in difficult times, and protected them when they needed one. Those were qualities and characteristics that the ancient Hebrews demanded and expected from a king. However, the king that was chosen lacked not only some of these characteristics, but also failed to meet these high expectations. “We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.” I Samuel 8: 20. The people wanted a king like the other nations. They were looking for an enduring military leader who would form a powerful army to resist any invader. Samuel, who was the “judge” and the leader at that time was getting old and couldn’t fulfil people’s needs. He lacked strength and disobeyed them …show more content…
But that is one thing that Saul completely lacks. When he is confronted by Samuel about what he had had done, he insists to lie about it and says that he had performed the commandment of god. After Saul gets rejected by god, David is on the way of taking over that kingdom. However, that is something that upsets Saul greatly. He becomes jealous especially when he hears the women in the village talk positively about David and not highly of him. He starts to dislike David in many ways and even goes further and plans how he would completely get rid of him. Although, Saul plans to kill David in more than one occasions, his attempts constantly

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