Characteristics Of Juvenile Probation Requirements Essay examples

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Characteristics of Juvenile Probation & Requirements
Most Common Types of Probation Requirements
Along with juvenile probation comes juvenile probation requirements. In 2009, 59 percent of juveniles were deemed delinquent by a court of law, and out of that, 60 percent were sanctioned with a probationary sentence (NeMoyer et al., 2014). When placed on probation, juveniles face a plethora of stringent obligations, which includes, but not limited to, probation officer check-ins, adherence to curfews, therapy sessions, making amends to any victims of the offense, volunteer work/community service, random illegal drug testing, etc., etc. (2014). Some of the most common required probation terms sanctioned against juvenile delinquents were attending school, illicit drug testing, obeying curfews, youth enrichment organizations, paying restitution through community service, as well as courses in anger management (2014). If a probationer violates the terms of their court-ordered sanctions, the case judge can either issue a warning, or levy a harsher punishment upon the youth (2014). Usually these noncompliant actions are what is called a technical violation, possessing no criminal element, but yet still goes in opposition to what the court had mandated to the juvenile (2014).
Most Common Types of Defied Probation Requirements
Incidentally, at least 52 percent of delinquent youths forsook their probation requirements a minimum of once (2014). Juveniles most commonly refused compliance…

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