Characteristics Of Cyber Crimes

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Cyber Crimes consist of illegal activity conducted on a computer. Traditional crimes may be committed while using a computer, but cyber crime consists of more specific types of crimes, such as phishing schemes and viruses. Cyber Crime consist some special characteristics, which are as followed.
2.3.1. Low risk High Rewarding Ventures
The most striking feature of cyber crimes is that they are relatively easy to commit, difficult to detect and even harder to prove. The cyber criminals with basic computer knowledge and skill can easily destroy valuable database causing huge loss or damage to the affected victims of the crime. Cyber Crimes are relatively easy, low-risk, high-reward venture. There is plenty of money to be made. The chances of
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Recent studies claim nearly fifty percent of adult Internet users have acquired a virus or had online accounts hacked at some point in time. And the reason for such a high number of cyber crime victims is simple i.e. lack of awareness. Cyber criminals are targeting popular personal devices like mobile phones to spread their threats and infiltrate high-value sectors of the economy. The Organization of American States has embarked on an aggressive programme of awareness-raising to make sure individuals understand the risks and the need to appropriate measures for their own cyber …show more content…
In addition, the anonymity and ease of use that the internet offers energizes criminality and exploitation. New cases of harassment, credit card fraud, and identity theft facilitated via computer technology arise daily. Clearly, strong computer skills are vital part of any investigator’s toolkit. The detection of cyber crimes requires hi-tech skill which the investigators generally lack. Cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the private sector is essential to Information Technology Security. Each local police department has an ISP Liaison Council, which consists of police and private entities such as Internet Service Providers. Through this council, information on cyber crime and IT security is exchanged.
2.3.5. Victims Refrain from Reporting Cases
More often than not, the party or the organization victimized by the cyber crimes prefers to refrain from reporting it to the police for the fear of adverse publicity or possibility of the loss of public trust in them. The reluctance of the victims to come forward and file a police complaint further aggravates the magnitude of the problem of cyber crimes detection and control. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant.
2.3.6. Silent in

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