Characteristics Of Cyber Bullying

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 Cyber Bullying :
Cyber bullying is bullying that place using electronic technology for example computers, cell phones and tablets as well as other communicating tools including text message, social media sites for example twitter, facebook etc. Things like sending messages, posting pictures or messages about the others in blogs or on websites, using another person’s name to spread rumours or lies about someone else, in other words, bullying happens everywhere.
Due to rapid development of technology people are using it negatively. Every day we hear about bullying, whether it is at school or from other source. People don’t realize the harm they are causing to other people when they make jokes about other’s religion, disabilities or physical appearances.

 Verbal Bullying :
Verbal bullying is saying or writing means things. It includes teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comment, taunting, threatening to cause harm etc. Even though verbal bullying creates no physical damage, but it can leads to long lasting psychological impacts on victims. It may go unnoticed and unreported for very long periods of time.
Most of the people may think physical bullying as the most dangerous type of bullying to a person, but the fact is that verbal bullying
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Roland defines bullying as “long stand violence physical or psychological perpetrated by an individual or group directed against an individual who cannot defend himself. Olweus has defined bullying as “repeated negative actions over time, including hitting, kicking, threatening, locking in a room, saying nasty and unpleasant things and teasing. There are apparently imbalances in physical and psychological strength between the bully and the victim (Olweus and Solberg, 1998,

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