Characteristics of at-Risk Children Essay

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Characteristics of At-Risk Children
LaShaun Cummings
July 28, 2013

In the United States many students face many problems or terrible conditions in their lives at home, school and in life in general. These problems and conditions can affect students in such a big way when it comes to schoolwork or academic success. Many schools nationwide have set up programs or assistance to help these students succeed despite the problem or condition they are forced to face.
Not all students may encounter a problem in school, but some encounter multiple problems. The types of problems and conditions include changing families, poverty, violence, abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, suicide, and child abuse. These are serious problems that many
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The programs available to me were all programs that dealt with everything other than my suicidal thoughts and feelings. Since then a few programs have been created. These new programs are helpful to the true problem that many suicidal teens have. They don’t force them to hide their feelings but instead, they make them pull them to the surface. Being suicidal is based on life situations that you feel are not changeable. You can be suicidal because of the struggle people (i.e. family, peers, and close friends) around you are in the midst of. A mother that is depressed will transfer depression to her children. Children who don’t know how to deal with depression will feel heavier than they should. Being suicidal can come from all other categories of being an at-risk student. Suicide can be affiliated with poverty, family change, sexuality, or abuse. Most of all suicide is affiliated with depression. All these things tie together. According to the Daily News of New York, 1 in 6 high school students have thought of suicide. 1 in 12 students has actually attempted suicide in 2012. ( Students have admitted to wanting to end their lives because of bullying, family issues, and social media (which is tied in to bullying via the internet). After discovering that the numbers of suicidal youth was so high I was interesting in finding out what was available to them to help them through their rough patch. I have found in my own

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