Characteristics Of Anton Chekhov As A Dramatist

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Anton Chekhov, the Russian dramatist excelled in the creation of women characters. Russian theatre and other playwrights were his inspiration. Chekhov excelled in creating complex characterization of women. He possessed a multifaceted distinctiveness with a range of themes and subjects, voice and style. His plays combine popular appeal with credibility Russia produced literature and actors of its own towards the end of the nineteenth century. Tolstoy and Maxim Gorky, Stanislavskh and Danchenko contributed to the development of realism on the Russian stage. Chekhov's plays gave them ample scope for success and their theatre was referred to as The Chekhov Theatre. Chekhov's major plays and his portrayal of female characters are then discussed. His female characters though beaten on all sides by life are strong enough to believe in themselves and find refuge in industry. They emerge victorious enough to encounter and find meaning in life.
Key words Chekhov, Female characters, Russian Drama, Resilient women.
In order to comprehend Chekhov(1860-1904) as a dramatist, a purview of the Russian theatre is an absolute
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The second group consists of Chekhov's female predators. Masha of The Seagull, Helena of Uncle Vanya, Natasha of Three Sisters and Zinaida of Ivanov belong to this kind. The third group comprises Chekhov's strong and brave women. Nina of The Seagull, Sonya of Uncle Vanya, Olga, Masha and Irina of Three Sisters and Anya and Varya of The Cherry Orchard are included in this group. The fourth group deals with Chekhov's old women, Maria Voynitsky and Marina of Uncle Vanya; and Anfisa of Three Sisters. The fifth group consists of Chekhov's good women, Anna and Sasha of Ivanov. The sixth group comprises his maid servants Charlotta and Dunyasha of The Cherry

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