Characteristics Of A Personality State Essay

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Personality is the reasonably stable patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors derived from both genetic predisposition and social learning that distinguish one person from another. There are three terms related to personality. They are traits, states, and types (Drummond & Sheperis, 2016).
The term personality trait refers to enduring personal characteristics that are revealed in a particular pattern of behavior in different situations (Drummond & Sheperis, 2016). Traits remain stable over time. A person’s traits do influence behavior. There are three types of traits. Cardinal traits are dominating and shape a person’s behavior. This becomes what a person is known for. An example would be Mother Theresa was known for all the good she did and Adolph Hitler is known for all of his evil. Central traits are usually used to describe someone, like honesty and kindness. Secondary traits are only seen in certain situations, such as getting nervous in front of large crowds or being nervous over an exam.
The term personality state is a temporary behavior. This can be described as mood. An example is when someone is sad for a period of time this is not their personality, but a mood state. If someone is heartbroken over a recent break up this would be temporary and considered a mood state also.
Personality types are how someone is described. According to Carl Jung psychological types, people can be described by their general attitude. Carl Jung believed people’s…

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