Bad Personality Traits

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Personality Traits: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Personality traits: they’re one of the many things that people use to separate one person from another. Everyone has a personality trait that may affect people around them in many different ways. Let’s take my trait of not being a fun person while I’m in school as an example. All around me, every day, people laugh, joke around, and cut up. I laugh sometimes at the dumb things people tend to do, but I normally keep a stern face and carry on my way. People come up to me on a daily basis and try to joke and cut up with me. Outside of school I would joke back and pick at them the same way they do me… in school, it is a different story. One day I was walking through the crowded hall when a girl …show more content…
To make matters worse I was getting shoved and pushed around in the hallway. I sulked to my locker, put my book up, and headed off to lunch. In the lunchroom, people yelled and ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. I rolled my eyes, grabbed my food, and ran outside to the quiet picnic area. “What was with you today in class?” Willow asked as I sat down. “Nothing, I would just like to learn what I need to learn, while I’m stuck here,” I said shoveling food into my mouth. “Yeah, but everyone was just joking and having fun. It’s the day before spring break so shouldn’t we spend it having fun instead of learning?” Willow asked. “No! You are in school, you learn while you are in school. You do not come here to talk and gossip with your friends, you come to learn. It may be the day before spring break, but that does NOT mean you get a free day,” I said rolling my eyes and looking at my math homework. “Yeah but-,” Willow began before I cut her off. “No Willow, you know good and well that we come here to learn. The teachers do not want to be here any more than we do, but guess what? They want to help us get somewhere in life,” I said getting up, “Now I am going to class to actually learn. You do whatever you want

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