Essay on Characteristics Of A Person 's Views On The World

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It’s fascinating how people have been able to make so many different definitions for the word culture; a word that was thought to have one singular definition. People of all cultures are unique not just in their methods and ways of life, but also in their definitions of culture. One person can describe culture as something that can bring family and a community together, but another person may define it as the exact opposite; something that tears people apart and in turn will rip apart a community. Neither of them are wrong or right however, because culture is something that is tangible. Culture is something that changes with time instead of against it. Culture can be symbolized as a “lens”, and these “lenses” are interchangeable and determine how we see the world around us and, more importantly, how we see other people culture and their definitions of it. There are three principles that determine a person 's views on the world around them and their views on other cultures: family, conflict, and the world we live in. To say family and our understandings of culture is connected is an understatement. Family is a primary source of culture and in many ways is one 's first interaction with culture. The culture we grew up with in our families is different from other people 's culture, but that’s neither a good or bad thing. Just because one grows up with a culture doesn’t mean that one has to follow that culture’s beliefs later in life. Cry, The Beloved Country, written by Alan…

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