Characteristics Of A Millionaire Mindset

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A millionaire mindset does not just happen for most. Becoming a millionaire isn't about snapping your fingers and poof, you have it. Bank accounts don't just fill because we want them to. There are several traits and steps that must be taken. Here are a few of the traits you need in order to live your dream with money in your pocket.
A Vision
Having a Millionaire mindset starts with vision. A millionaire has a creative vision with a positive attitude. This means that not only do millionaires have big dreams but they truly believe that their dreams will come true and they will do anything they need to in order to see that dream come true. You are what your thoughts are. Setting a large goal for yourself and seeing it through to fruition is a
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They read, they learn and constantly go with the times. Instead of hanging around with people who have the same skill level as they do, they normally will hang around and choose colleagues who offer a supplement to their weaker skills. So to learn new skills you can use training or mentors to strengthen your skills. Those with a millionaire mindset will normally choose a mentor that is in a position that they strive to be in. For example, if someone is striving to be a millionaire, they don't hang out or use mentors that aren't making a million dollars already. They don't hang out with people with a job …show more content…
Millionaires constantly are presenting their ideas and persuading other people to buy into their visions. That is all sales is; persuasion and getting people to buy in. A good sales person has a diamond tough skin that is oblivious to naysayers and critical people. Millionaires also have great interpersonal skills and can socialize well. It starts with being able to sell yourself so polish and practice this skill every single day on someone, anyone. It not only helps you get better at the skill of sales, but also helps you build a larger, more loyal network of

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