Characteristics And Basics Of A Malayan Box Turtle

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1) Malayan Box Turtle (Cuora amboinensis kamaroma) Description
Origins: Mainland Indochina (South and Central Vietnam, southern Laos & Cambodia), Thailand (Phang Nga Province etc.), Singapore and mainland Malaysia.
Size: 5 to 12 inches long (depending on the subspecies)
Lifespan: Typically an average of 50 years but reportedly up to 150 years
Malayan Box Turtles are responsive and active pets. Pet owners will find it appealing as this species prefers staying in the water instead of basking and staying still. With its long lifespan, malayans are great for pet owners seeking a lifelong companion.
2) Basics of Malayan Box Turtle Husbandry
Before taking charge of a Malayan Box Turtle as a pet, a responsible owner must be aware of the vulnerabilities
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The enclosure should have water to dry land ratio of 1:1. Your turtle should be able to move in and out of water with ease.

4) Choosing your First Turtle
You should always seek the advice from an experienced turtle owner, or from the local pet store where you are purchasing your pet, as they will provide important information to beginners. It is also important that you, as a responsible pet owner, do prior research on the species and gender and learn the details of the breed such as susceptibility to certain diseases, parasites or fungus infections.
It is not recommended that you place several turtles together, as they are known to have aggressive tendencies. Adding other amphibians, reptiles or other animals is also not recommended as they will probably be eaten or eat your turtles. As you gain experience, you will learn to recognise characteristics, genders and behaviour patterns and act accordingly. It is thus essential that you know the proper methods of taking care of your pet.

5) Handling your Box Turtle
Box Turtles are very hardy and active. Some may even consider them as aggressive, even though it is in their nature to bite anything that might be food. Thus care should always be taken not to approach too close to their head, as they can easily snap at your fingers or
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It is important that you do not touch your facial and nether regions (i.e. face, eyes, mouth and private parts) before washing and cleaning your hands.
Turtles do not need to be cleaned generally; their basking habits prevent mold and other parasites from attaching to their shells. Thus turtles should not be kept wet all the time, and should be allowed to move wherever they please. 6) Maintenance of the Vivarium
Maintenance of the tank involves cleaning up dead plant material, leftover food, decomposing wastes and etc. Water quality must be maintained by cleansing the filter and doing water changes on a regular timetable. Observe for abnormal signs in behaviour or eating habits as listed below:
1) Inactivity: This little creature is highly curious and active by nature. If yours spends a lot of time sitting in the corner or "burrowing," it is not comfortable. The most likely cause is insufficient attention to temperature and humidity.

2) Avoidance of water: An aquatic animal will not avoid water if it is healthy and has a suitable supply of water available. Most likely, the water is too cold (below 78 degrees F.) The land area of the cage must also be warm and humid so that the animal does not cool rapidly when it comes out of the

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