Essay about Character Education and Me

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In the world, we have more than 5000 languages and many different religions. Since we all are human beings, we have conformity to a standard of right. Conformity to a standard of right or particular moral excellence is the definition of virtue in the dictionary. [1] Although the word virtue first used in 13th century, becoming excellent in moral strengths started with humanity. Therefore educating our own moral strengths which are defined as character started with first human. Humanity does not evolve in social aspect even we lived in a fast pace world in terms of technology. Our emotional needs did not change much, we have families, friends, colleagues.
In the video Raising Good Children[2], Mr.
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In conclusion, our ultimate goal should be to provide environment that students practice values and those values becomes virtue in their character progress as stated in Lickona`s book .[7]

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