Jem And Mary Chapter 1 Analysis

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I selected this particular passage for the obvious tension between Jem and Mary’s romantic life. More importantly to react and respond to character development of Jem. Previously we learn about her lost of interest in Jem and more importantly how Jem replies. The actions and thoughts allow the reader to further understand a character. This allows the reader to glimpse into the psyche of Jem. It develops his deep and inner most feelings. These soon boil over in a fit of jealousy, envy, rage, and hate. Throughout the book after Jem’s introduction to Mary bartons world, we soon figure out his lust for mary. The same lust that Mary might reciprocate. The reader may never know for sure until the reader is hit with the previous pages in the chapter. …show more content…
This mindset makes him a character on a watch list. What if his temptations get the best of him? His anger and jealousy obviously did not resolve his problems with Mary. And even after his revenge against marys own feelings he still focuses on the physical attributes of Mary and not her love itself saying,”A vision of her pale, sweet face, with her bright hair”. Again this defines his lust in Mary, not his compassion. It is also important to note his reaction to the idea of killing Mary’s love interest as well. “Jem pictured him (and gloated on the picture), lying smitten, yet conscious”. This is important because this once again focuses the readers attention on the dark, yet humanistic nature of Jem. Like everyone else, we all have feelings of jealousy and anger, but to derive murder in it, and then pleasure is quite the perversion. We see the twisted nature of Jem by imaging himself standing over Mary’s lover, whom is living by a thread, enough for Jem to relish in his physical injuries and death. Of course these actions are incredibly gruesome, impulsive, and plainly wrong. Naturally Jem digresses but still comes to the conclusion that fire must be fought with …show more content…
he would take pleasure in her desolation of heart”. Instead of dealing with the situation maturely this line proves his exactly how immature he is. Jem wants to make Mary feel the same raw emotions that Jem feels. He would take “pleasure” from Mary’s “desolation”. He does not simply just want Mary to feel guilty, he wants Mary to feel nothing, feel worthless. Ultimately we are wondered if his response to problems further down the road will spell trouble for other characters and ultimately himself. The development of Jem is very important to the book to progress future tensions. His deplorable actions make him a character who would be a prime suspect to cause problems down the line. It is important to talk about the development of a minor character because they may commit something major. Although at this point it is just an educated guess, this passage helps me determine the true character of Jem. This revelation of his character in such a dark and twisted way brings us to drawing conclusions or inferences that Elizabeth Gaskell may want us to make, whether it is wrong or

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