Character Analysis Of Teen Aphrodite And Donny

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After refusing an arranged marriage, the teenage goddess of love is stranded on Earth where she falls for the wrong boy, and when she refuses to return home, her father Zeus comes up with a plan to force her home.

Teen Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, is self-centered and believes everyone should love her. Hera, Aphrodite’s stepmother and the Goddess of Marriage, tells Aphrodite that she has arranged for her to marry the ugliest God named Hephaestus, a blacksmith. Hephaestus is the son that Hera threw away and was raised by a Sea Nymph. When Aphrodite refuses and disobeys her father Zeus, he hurls her off the balcony, ripping off her Golden Belt that magically makes her beautiful.
Aphrodite lands in Newfoundland. She naked
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Consider focusing more on how Donny manipulates and uses their relationship for his own selfish reasons. This feels like it gets lost in the storytelling. There’s more room for him to pretend to care about her and then try to get her to help him cheat. Make sure to identify his goal and/or motivation to get into a college or get a scholarship. He can be more charming and manipulative. He uses her and then uses Celeste.
There’s a scene that feels inconsistent. Aphrodite watches Donny and Celeste in class and she notes that he cheats, “but they cheated” but later in the script she says that Donny would never cheat (page 66). This feels inconsistent. The idea seems to be that she’s blinded by love because of how handsome Donny is and then when she learns that he wants her to cheat and has only been using her, she realizes beauty is more than skin deep.
There are other moments in the script that feel a bit confusing. On page 45, Echo tells Aphrodite that the principle wants to see her, but Aphrodite never goes to the principal (not in this scene). Also, Echo saying, “Hi, invisible friend! Owen this is Dango,” is confusing. Perhaps it’s an error from a former draft.
Page 44 is also a little confusing as described about the trail of

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