Character Analysis Of Okonkwo In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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“Failure is not our only punishment for laziness: there is also the success of others”-Jules Renard. We all fear of failing in our lives and most of the time we experience failure because we are too lazy to put in the work. People feel like a failure when they see the people they love or their role models act in a negative way. In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the main character always had a chip on his shoulder about his father and how lazy he was. Okonkwo wanted to be completely different from his father. This brings great effort, motivation and anger, and eventually it leads to crisis and destruction within his culture. Okonkwo has a constant fear of being like his father, this acts as a great motivator but affects himself within the community both positively and negatively.
Okonkwo, in Things Fall Apart, represents the worst part of tribal life according to what the tribe values. He does immoral things because he always remembers his father's slothfulness. Also, Okonkwo has a fiery temper that causes him to experience a troubled life.“Answer me, roared Okonkwo, before I kill you! He seized a heavy stick that lay on the dwarf wall and hit him two or three savage blows” (Achebe 151). He loses patience with his wives and children quite often. This is due to
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Okonkwo gave 100% effort in trying to be the opposite of his father. Sadly enough, all of Okonkwo's greatest achievements were not enough to save him. His motivation towards his community was strong, yet it was not enough for his clan. Okonkwo’s luck was the determining factor because if his gun did not explode things would have turned out differently. Although Okonkwo had achieved greatness in his village, he had fearful, negative qualities that overshadowed his greatness. Not everyone is perfect and people feel like giving up at times, but is best not

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