Heracles Theme

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Heracles – In this work, the theme of nation is represented when his older brother becomes a ruler and he is sent to the twelve laborers. After defeating all the laborers, Lycus became very worried about Thebes and constantly thinks about Heracles and his kingship. The theme of nation takes a huge toll on Heracles and his family. Essentially, this strikes fear into Thebes. In fact, he does not want to be killed by Heracles family. Unfortunately, Heracles ends up returning and killing Lycus’s men. Although he was trying to do what was right for his family, the nation had other plans. As a result, this does not help Heracles who falls under the pressure of the nation as he is tricked by Iris who in turn makes Heracles insane and ends up …show more content…
When Don Pedro from the Prince of Arragon, came to visit Leonato, the governor of Messina, for one month and they treated them great and wanted to make good name for themselves. They truly felt honored as a nation to have and had a party to celebrate. As a result, the theme of nation was seen when they all come together and made everyone with Don Pedro welcomed and make Messina look good.
Ovid’s Metamorphoses- In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, it focusses on a section of incest and how it was common within their nation. In one section, he focused on a father, mother and daughter. In this time, there was a lot of incest and love between parents and their children. Whether this be a mother son, or father and daughter there were just ergs in which they were in love with their parent. In this case Cebchreis and Cinyras are husband and wife and mother and daughter too Mirrha. And Mirrha has a great obsession about her father and wants her father’s love. As a result, when the mom is gone for a week Mirrha is given to her dad without him knowing it was her and have intercourse for several days. Truly the theme of nation was scene because this was a common thing for the child to fall in love what the parent of the opposite sex. It is truly disturbing and after the dad found out, he exiled his daughter and was never seen

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