Channel Orange Frank Ocean Analysis

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My friend, Jesse, can be described as having a popular centric music taste. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande are among his favorite artists today, with Pandora Radio being his go-to form of music listening. The upbeat nature of the songs Jesse listens to match his personality perfectly, as he is outgoing, eccentric, and has an overall cheerful demeanor. With some of his favorite songs mostly being top 40s hits, Jesse has a consistent, if not predictable, taste in music. Frank Ocean released Channel Orange, his debut studio album, on July 10, 2012. Classified as Alternative R&B, the album is just over one hour long, with seventeen tracks total. The album features vocals from artists such as John Mayer, André 3000, and Tyler, The Creator. …show more content…
With debates centered around the choice of pronouns used in "Forrest Gump" specifically, Ocean addresses his muse by comparing himself to the love interest of the eponymous movie. The lyrics repeatedly make use of the phrase "running on my mind boy" not only in reference to Forrest Gump literally running in the movie, but also to illustrate how Ocean is thinking about his muse. The choice of pronouns insinuates Ocean is in fact not heterosexual, much like Jesse. While Ocean has avoided questions of sexuality during interviews, he made a tumblr post detailing a continuous encounter with another man over the span of multiple years, saying most of the day Ocean would "see him, and his smile. [Ocean would] hear his conversation and his silence... until it was time to sleep" (Ocean). The experiences Ocean shared with this man serve as a key point of inspiration for his lyrics, saying the experience "turned [him] into a real artist" (Wallace and Sirota). As a gay man, Jesse will be able to connect with the lack of heteronormativity in Ocean 's work. Jesse having this type of connectivity with Ocean may not be needed to enjoy Channel Orange, but will definitely add to the level of appreciation he will have for the

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