Character Analysis Of Dally In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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Ricky Martin once said “Heroes represent the best of our selves respecting that we are human.” Ricky Martin knows a lot about heroes. S.E. Hinton knows a lot about heroes too. She shows this writing a book called The Outsiders. One of the heroes that she mentions is Dally. He is a hero because he looks out for his friends and saves them. Dally is a hero because he helped Ponyboy and Johnny in hard times. This hard time was when Johnny and Ponyboy get attacked by the Socs. They were scared because of what happened so they went to Dally before they ran away. Dally had given them a jacket and $50 to survive alone. If he had not done this, it would make surviving alone difficult. Dally is a hero also because he saved Ponyboy and Johnny from the

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