Character Analysis Of Amc's The Walking Dead Series

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Immediately after reading prompt D I thought about AMC’s The Walking Dead series. I specifically thought of a few episodes from season two when a group of survivors of the apocalypse find another group with land. The owner of the land is Hershel Greene; he has plenty of pasture, a barn, and a fairly large house. Living with Hershel is what is left of his family. One of the survivors from the traveling group named Glenn wanted to meet Hershel’s daughter Maggie up in the loft of the barn. Little did he know that the barn was locked up concealing many walkers until he reached the loft. Maggie received the message too late so she was unable to stop Glenn from going up to the loft. From that moment it really made me wonder; could I somehow puncture …show more content…
Would they want to have the unfortunate chance at being an undead walker, or would they prefer to have their brain punctured so that every chance at becoming a walker is eliminated? If the situation happens to be that I found my family members after they have turned, would they want me to end what is their “life” now? Do I have any moral obligation to them? While I am unable to speak for my family members, I would prefer that somebody makes it impossible for me to turn into a walker. My argument for having my life ended is utilitarianism. It would be for the greater good of any remaining survivors that I not have the chance to attack them and end their life as they know it. I would hope that every person in my family would be on the same level as I am and want any chance to become a walker taken away.
I think that moral obligation to my family would end as soon as their human life has been ended. At that point, the way I see it, it is a free for all. The next steps have to be all steps that advance you further into life. If having to end an undead’s “life” is something that needed to be done I think I could do it. I think that for the greater good of every person that continues to survive, that it is an absolute significant thing to end a walker’s “life”. Switching gears into egoism, which is the only way to continue to

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