Destiney Analysis

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Determination Creates Destiney
Christi Kang

It is generally remarked that the most vital shared characteristic of those who are successful is their unfaltering persistence to attain desired goals. In such a way, determination has the controlling power to unify people’s energy and focus to pursue objectives and prevents potential defeat from its permanence. Thus, whichever purpose fundamentally set forth by an individual’s beliefs and priorities, influences one’s actions and their consequences. As creatures of free will, people inevitably confront obstacles in life that demand perceptive judgements and active responses. Likewise, these kinds of natural conflicts are commonly depicted in literature and movies as well. In the second film of
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Whatever an individual cherishes and desires the most at heart becomes the ignited incentives for their decisions, actions, and endeavors. Similarly, Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit from the Shire, undertook the perilous quest as a ring-bearer in order to “defend [his] country” from destruction. Even faced with continuous trials, he “kept going because [he was] holding on to” the love for his friends and the “good [of] this world” that he did not dare to surrender. Throughout the plot, the timely interplays of theme songs, such as of the Shire, heightened the viewer’s awareness of different characters’ motives. Likewise, when King Theoden of Rohan despaired that none would come to aid their battle, the elves of Rivendell arrived to “honor [their] alliance” to “[fight] and [die] together”. While love can blossom and preserve determination, in contrast, selfish and instinctive desires often bare devastating outcomes that heartlessly sacrifice humanity. For example, Sauron, the antagonist of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, “use[ed] his puppet, Saruman”, in attempt “to destroy the world”. In turn, the wizard Saruman fell into corruption, tempted by the hunger for power to “rule [the] Middle-earth”. Thus, it was thoroughly portrayed in the film that the priorities of people’s mind, which guide the …show more content…
The story presented the audience with the constant temptation of humanly instinct and desires in many forms, most notably symbolized by the One Ring. Despite “[its] treacherous” power that tried to “[take] hold of [Frodo]”, the admirable hobbit was able to fight against it because of his longing for the victory of goodness. If it was not for Frodo’s strength of willpower, his expected fate would have led to nothing more than of Gollum’s, a murderous yet piteous creature twisted by the compelling lure of the One Ring. Similarly, Arwen, the daughter of Elf Lord Elrond, created her own destiny by choosing the life-altering path of mortality. This way, Arwen refused to forsake her love for Aragorn and held onto her utmost virtues and meanings of life. Furthermore, Peter Jackson developed the idea that even fate assists those who pursue goals in righteousness; by the means of Gandalf’s resurrection, the chief protagonist figure in The Lord of the Rings. After he defeated the evil Balrog in Moria, “darkness took [him]” but he was “sent back until [his] task [was] done”. As a part “of this world, [one] must do something” toward personal ideals and dreams. Otherwise, a “cage would be [one’s] fate”, to wither powerlessly. However encouragingly, little acts of courage and

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