Character Analysis Of Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye
This is an analysis of the novel The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D Salinger. The analysis will contain Holden’s development throughout the course of the novel, as well as what kind of a character I personally perceive him to be. I will also bring up some minor characters. Let’s start with Holden’s development. At the beginning of the novel, he is an unhappy boy with a lot of problems. He is depressed and confused. It seems that every since his little brother Allie died, Holden changes a lot. The memories of Allie are his happiest moments that he can remember from the past. He’s always thinking about the past and trying to bring it back, that's why he can't move on. There is also other facts to why he can’t move on, as his present insecurities about himself. What Holden needs, is to open up to people. He needs to find closure, and move on. And maybe that is
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Phoebe made me understand Holden in a different way and that is why I think she is a very important character in the novel. When he spent time with her he felt “so damn happy”. Phoebe probably likes Holden as much as he likes her, that’s what makes her special.
Last but not least, Mr. Antolini. Maybe he’s just a nice guy, maybe he’s a little more than just nice. Let’s say Holden just misunderstood the situation. Then, from Antolini’s point of view, I would feel a bit betrayed by Holden who left so quickly. But if it is the other way around which I think it is (that he came on to Holden), Mr. Antolini probably gets why Holden left and isn’t really that upset about him leaving. He probably knows why he left and maybe he even feels a bit ashamed of what he did.
In conclusion, Holden changes throughout the novel. He is the only dynamic character, the others are static. He has a hard time finding himself but he finally does, and he manages to get over Allie’s death and look forward instead of living in the

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