Chapter Two Context Involving A Friend Ordering Alcohol Essay

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I chose to write my paper on the chapter two context involving a friend ordering alcohol while in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Many people believe that a glass of wine every now and then is not a bad thing to do during pregnancy, even some doctors say that it is tolerable. It may not be worst possible thing to ingest while pregnant, but in your second trimester the baby is still developing crucial parts of the body and the bones are becoming more dense. I think avoiding substances like alcohol of any sort will definitely be better off for your child. I would suggest to my friend to avoid any potential teratogens because they can damage the development of your child. As stated in the text by Arnett (2015) teratogens are ?behaviors, environments, and bodily conditions that could be harmful to the developing organism? (pg. 68). Wine or any alcohol of that sort falls into the category of being a teratogen and can in fact harm the baby, even if your doctor says it is ?okay? it can still be extremely harmful. Arnett also states in the text that, ?Both the embryo and the fetus are vulnerable to a variety of teratogens? (pg.68). In the article ?Alcohol Abuse in Pregnant Women? they explain the dangers of drinking during pregnancy by breaking down what exactly happens and the consequences of consuming alcohol as follows:
?Ethanol can induce oxidative stress directly by formation of free radicals which react with different cellular compounds, or indirectly by reducing…

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