Chapter Six Of The Great Night Essay example

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Chapter Six
Mannheim’s citizens celebrated the joyous occasion of the marriage of Princess Marie to the Marquess of Hamilton when the palace gates were thrown open by the Grand Duke’s soldiers and they were invited in to eat, drink and dance in the square in front of the palace all the while bells tolled in the Jesuit Church.
Meanwhile, back in the Knight’s Hall in the palace, Karolina did not even notice that members of the nobility were dancing on a raised platform separated at one end of the great hall while she and the other guests were relegated to the floor. In fact, she did not even care. This was her first royal invitation and she fully intended to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to her and enjoy the evening regardless of her social class or position.
Several of the Grand Duke’s soldiers spotted Karolina in the corner of the great hall, sitting next to her mother and they hurried over to meet her. Karolina smiled as a handsome soldier strode up to her, bowed and asked her to dance. She looked at her mother and her mother nodded “Yes”, so Karolina stood up and put her arm on the offered arm of the soldier and went to the dance floor. The soldier tried as hard as he could, but he began to trip over his feet as he danced. Karolina giggled and waited patiently for him to regain his balance and then they continued to dance.
As the evening wore on, Karolina danced with more and more partners. When she would grow thirsty, several young men would run towards the…

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