Chapter Five Of The Great Gatsby Essay

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Chapter Five
Lena made it to her cottage before bursting into tears. What have I done? Her mind reeled. Had she made a mistake? She 'd given up her livelihood moments ago. And all for a horse. Moments like this she realized how lonely she 'd become. This was a time when she needed the comfort of her parents. What would her mother, Chancy, have done?
This thought brought a smile to her lips. Her mother was notorious for her wild ways. No one could deny Chancy was a lady, but she could out-ride and out-shoot everyone other than her father, Nick. And, her father still loved her mother for this. He 'd never tried to change her because society dictated it. These thoughts brought Lena comfort. Her parents would want happiness for her. That 's what they 'd always said. She would find out soon enough when they received her letter.
Lena packed her meager belonging into a trunk. She 'd be on the road soon and would need work cloths and travel attire. She 'd by chance brought her riding britches and boots to this teaching job. Working with a horse in a dress was by no means practical. Holding the denim in her hand brought back memories of her youth. Running through the pastures on her horse, Lady; her little brothers on their fat, stubby legged ponies trying to catch her.
Trunk full, she packed her books into the boxes she brought them in, along with a few picture in frames. The furniture and bedding all belonged to Mrs. Ranger, the cottage owner. Lena thought she 'd achieved a good…

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