Chapter 20 Ap Us History Notes Essay

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Chapter 20 Hippo Notes I. Reform A. Origins of Progressivism 1. Bounded by the end of the nineteenth century and the American entry into World War I, the Progressive Era brought dramatic changes to the nation’s economic, political, and social sectors. 2. Progressives included both men and women from various ethnic groups, classes, and occupations who challenged traditional attitudes about the American way of life. 3. The reformers fought to overcome inefficiencies in government, corrupt political machines, and the inadequate living conditions of the poor. 4. They believed industrialization and urbanization produced an abundance of social problems, including city slums and worker mistreatment by callous …show more content…
4. To attack political corruption, progressives took the direct approach and ran for public office. 5. The city reformers changed the urban political institutions to combat the corrupt political machines. 6. While some cities received more freedom from state administrations to deal with problems at local levels, others created special bureaus to conduct nonpartisan investigations. 7. Many communities assigned the power and responsibility to coordinate city activities to small elected commissions. 8. From this arrangement came the city manager system, first used in Galveston, Texas, which involved the hiring of a professional manager to oversee city affairs on a nonpartisan basis. 9. Under the direction of progressive leaders, some cities also regained control over the power and water systems and operated them as departments of the city government. 10. The success of progressive leadership in the city encouraged followers to run for state office. 11. In Wisconsin, perhaps the most progressive state during the era, Governor Robert La Follette challenged corrupt corporations and political machines. 12. Before his election as governor, La Follette served three terms as a progressive Republican congressman. 13. La Follette constantly clashed with the more conservative Republicans in his state, and was accused of oversimplifying the truth to voters, but he

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