Essay about Chapter 2 It Infrastructure and Support Systems

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Chapter 2 IT Infrastructure and Support Systems
IT at Work
IT at Work 2.1
Western Petro Controls Costs with its Trade Management System
For Further Exploration:
Which processes are being automated and why?
PetroMan is a comprehensive trading system that triggers buying and selling activities and integrates contract management, risk management, accounting, and pipeline scheduler. Using the PetroMan, the company can place bids and automatically capture a contract for refined products; and schedule and confirm deliveries in pipelines. PetroMan also handles the resale of fuels, including electronic invoicing and a credit module that checks and tracks a customer’s credit risk. This tracking is done by hedging large purchasing contracts
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Enterprise Information Systems provide a technology platform that enables organizations to integrate and coordinate their business processes. They provide a single system that is central to the organization and ensure that information can be shared across all functional levels and management hierarchies. Enterprise systems are invaluable in eliminating the problem of information fragmentation caused by multiple information systems in an organization, by creating a standard data structure.
A typical Enterprise Information System would be housed in one or more Data centers , run Enterprise software, and could include applications that typically cross organizational borders such as Content management systems.
IT at Work 2.2
Business Intelligence for Competitive Advantage
No for further exploration questions.
IT at Work 2.3
Argos and VanDerLande Industries Automate UK Distribution Centre
For Further Exploration:
How does Argos’ internal supply chain impact its upstream supply chain?
Argos centralized its distribution of small items to insure availability and improve picking efficiency. Argos also wanted better control over the supply of direct imports, which make up a growing proportion of their products.
The automated distribution center includes a central warehouse for imported goods. Pallet handling is a vital

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