Chapter 2 Application Case Essay

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Chapter 2 Application Cases

An Accusation of Sexual Harassment in Pro Sports
1. Based on the lack of evidence and witnesses from this claim I believe that Ms. Brown Sanders did not have the basis for a sexual harassment suit. She stated that the sexual harassment went on for 2 years before she even filed a claim therefore, she condoned the actions to persist before her termination for “failure to fulfill professional responsibilities,” which also has little evidence to prove as well.

2. I personally do not think the jury made the right decision in regards to this specific sexual harassment case. There was absolutely no evidence or witnesses of any kind to prove or disprove either sides of the trial. Due to the lack of evidence I
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Carter Cleaning Company
1. This statement that Jack Carter made is not true in the slightest because employers can be accused of discrimination at any given time. In this specific case, the management received zero training on what questions you should and shouldn’t ask job applicants. The female applicants were being asked questions regarding childcare while the males were not asked questions like this. Furthermore, the minority applicants were asked questions about their current arrest and credit records while the non-minorities were not asked such questions. Another example of discrimination was with a 73 year old male concern with being paid less than younger employees that were performing the same job duties while the older gentleman has 50 years’ experience in the field.

2. The First step Jennifer should take is to enact training for all the managers regarding proper and improper questioning on potential applicants. Sexual harassment policies should be well known and issued with all current employees as well. Then Jennifer should document all the complaints of sexual harassment and start an investigation. If Jennifer does find any evidence of sexual harassment she should respond quickly with a disciplinary action such as a probationary period or termination of the employee.

3. Jennifer should analyze the current pay rates of all the employees to determine if there is discrimination in their pay system between older

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