Chapter 10 As A Starting Point, Explore The Ways Atticus And The Community Are Contrasted

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Using Chapter 10 as a starting point, explore the ways Atticus and the community are contrasted in To Kill a Mockingbird

In the novel Atticus is contrasted to the rest of the community through his actions, his mentality and his morals which he teaches the children throughout the novel.

Chapter 10 is a great starting point to show how Atticus contrasts to the rest of the community. Scout is mockingbird in this chapter as Atticus is protecting her – and Jem – from the dog (Tim Johnson) and from the discrimination, racism and prejudice within the community. Scout is the mockingbird because one of the min morals throughout the book we know that he main moral is that it is a “sin to kill a mockingbird” – we are told that mockingbirds do nothing but sing and so therefore Scout is the mockingbird because she is innocent and in the book we are taught that it is a sin to kill something that is innocent. Atticus tells Jem to “stay inside, son” as he goes after the dog and also in this chapter Atticus is called “one-shot Finch”, this shows how he is contrasted to the rest of the community as Atticus is the one who is deadly as he is the only one who can defend Tom Robinson. The children see Boo as a phantom but the person who is actually deadly is their father as he can do things that the others can’t. The dog walks “dazedly” and slowly in this chapter, this represents the change in the community, it’s slow to get rid of racism. Lee uses the dog as a symbol as the dog is much…

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