Chapter 10 Animal Assisted Activities Chapter 8 Summary

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Chapter 10 in Animals and Society, Animal Assisted Activities is all about the ways in which animals have assisted humans in a more physical sense. The chapter describes the ways that animals have made living more convenient for humans, and which animals have been part of this process from past to present. Chapter 14 in Animals and Society, Animals in Human Thought describes the psychological ways animals affect human life. This chapter talks about how animals have affected human cultures and thought processes. Both the physical and psychological natures of these chapters are key to showing the evidence of impact that animals have on humans in society.
A physical connection between animals and humans is not simply playing a game of fetch.
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Chapter 14 describes the ways in which some of these undisputable connections occur. One of the ways animals and this human-mind connection is shown is through the impact it has on our cultures and thought processes. We use language and symbols that are representative of animals without fully acknowledging that they are connected. How we have used symbols is through bestializing people. We give people the characteristics we associate with animals. We use these characteristics to give a person an identity, by saying things such as “you’re brave like a lion” (DeMello, 287). The way we use animals in language is through animal idioms. Every day we use sentences such as “got bigger fish to fry” or, “so hungry I could eat a horse” (DeMello, 287). Although, these animals do not inherently encapsulate these symbols or meanings, without giving it much thought human culture has imbued these animals with multiple meanings (DeMello, …show more content…
Chapter 10 does this by discussing a more psychological way that animals assist humans. In a similar way to the D-Bronx program a big part of the chapter is about the idea of Animal-assisted therapy (AAT). The use of a physical connection with animals to create a calmer person through therapeutic/psychological means. Chapter 14 uses the human-animal psychological connection to describe physical acts actually having psychological root. For example they describe cockfighting chickens to symbolize the men that organize the events. DeMello explains that the people who get these chicken to use in the ring are actually using them to gain honor and status among their

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