Changing The Batteries Cell Chemistry Essay

1204 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Changing the batteries cell chemistry not only changes how long each car can be on the track but also greatly reduces the overall resources used in every race. Under the current set of 2015- 2016 Sporting regulations for the FIA Formula E Championship, “each race number (team)”, “must use two cars at each Event”(FIA 2015- 2016 Sporting regulations article 28.1). The main reason for this rule stems from safety and current battery cell limitations. The battery within each car that current Formula E teams use is locked in place during races to ensure maximum safety for the driver in the event of an accident. Due to the lack of power density of current lithium-ion batteries each car is only able to drive at race speeds, “between 25-30 minutes” ( If Williams Advanced Engineering were to produce batteries with the cell chemistry researched by Dr. King only one battery would be needed for the entire race. This would eliminate the use of a second car for each team and effectively cut the amount of materials used by each Formula E team in half. The next logical step is to change the current rule stated within article 28.1 in the FIA 2015-2016 Sporting Regulations. This would limit each team to use one car per race. Changing the rule guarantees the use of fewer resources per team. With only one car being used during each race, the amount of rubber being used and wasted is reduced as well. The races would maintain the same number of laps but the number of sets of…

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