Changing Environment Essay

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The environment is changing, well the world is. For many years mankind has been finding ways to make Earth easier and livable, therefore, we have been cutting down various trees, building houses, and industries to make Earth more adaptable for humankind. These mass productions are polluting our environment, due to the fact that carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a very destructive consequence, global warming. Global warming started around the 1880’s around 40 years after the Industrial Revolution in America. As a consequence of global warming, the climate change on the Earth has had lethal impacts. Humankind has come up with two methods to help control the amount of carbon …show more content…
For instance, heat waves have killed a great amount of individuals in Pakistan and India. Another example, is that in June of 2012, the US broke 3,215 records. In addition, a study demonstrates that the temperature will increase by 2.8 degrees Celsius. Another problem we will face would be in agriculture. We are expected to experience a loss in crops, studies show we will lose about 20 percent of our crops by midcentury. By the time we get to the year of 2020, we will already permanently be in a drought. Also, due to the rising temperatures the lakes around the world have been drying out, such as, the Aral Sea. In addition, poor engineering caused a lot of water loss that we could have been using today. Furthermore, 443 billion and 629 billion tons of melted ice is added to the world’s oceans each year which causes the sea level to rise about 1.5 millimeters a year. This is not considering the 2-millimeter of water added yearly rise caused by expansion of the warming ocean, therefore, in total the rise is about 3.5 millimeters. On top of that, the permafrost is melting from the arctic circle and the villages are being affected by it. Out of 213 Alaska Native villages, 184 have been seriously affected by the melting of the permafrost. Permafrost produces methane, that is deadly, it is like 2 times worse than carbon dioxide. This means that it has a greater warming effect as

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