Changing Business Landscape : Organizational Change Essay

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In the ever-changing business landscape, organizational change is inevitable. Organizations must know how to effectively face and implement change in order to stay competitive. My organization has recently undergone a corporate restructuring, which included territory realignments, department consolidation, as well as downsizing. I have witnessed both the need for the change and downside of change on employees.
Problem Statement
The issue being addressed concerns an organization’s ability to deal with organizational change. As will be discussed in greater detail herein, approaches to managing organizational change and resistance to change are two concepts that are associated with dealing with change within an organization. Effectively implementing change is often a main factor in the organization’s short and long-term success (Appelbaum, Habashy, Malo, & Shafig, 2012). When the need for change arises, the organization should use an effective approach for dealing with the change as well as understand the employees’ inherent resistance to change.
Approaches to Managing Organizational Change
Since change is inevitable, management should implement an effective approach for managing change. Common approaches to managing change include: Lewin’s Three-Step Model, Kotter’s Eight-Step Plan, action research, and organizational development (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Lewin’s Three-Step Model is a basic method that include the steps of unfreezing the status quo, moving to the…

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