Changes In The Great Gatsby Essay

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The twenties were a time when everyone and everything was changing. The twenties brought many different changes, like changes in fashion, music, laws, literature, technology, and overall lifestyles of people and how they lived. The twenties were also a time when the country was just becoming rich after WW1. With that, the use of cars skyrocketed. Everyone was starting to get a car, whether it was the inexpensive Model T, or a fancy, yellow Rolls Royce. After the eighteenth amendment was introduced to the constitution, there was also prohibition. Prohibition brought many problems, like bootlegging and smuggling. The twenties were also known as the age of consumerism, when people just bought stuff just to buy stuff, even if they didn’t need it. There …show more content…
The normal clothes that men of a higher status usually wore were tuxedos, with black, leather shoes, and under their tuxedo they wore silk shirts, and had handkerchiefs. Men also started wearing fur coats for the first time, as well as fedora hats and bow ties. Men usually wore tuxedos whenever they went out, whether it was to a party, or a dinner. In The Great Gatsby, Tom , Nick, Gatsby, and many other men wore tuxedos most of the time. Men also started wearing sports clothes for the first time. They wore polo shirts and khakis. Tom wore those clothes quite often, whenever he would practice his polo. Men’s hair was also a big part of men’s fashion. Most men used pomade, a waxy substance, to style their hair to make it look shiny and slick. The most common hairstyle was short, shiny, slicked back hair. Men usually parted their hair on the side of their head, or down the middle. Tom, Gatsby, Nick, and many other men in the book had this hair style. Men dressed to impress in the twenties, if you didn’t have a tuxedo, or any fashionable clothing, then you were considered

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