Flappers Research Paper

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Flapper 's are one of the most iconic symbols of the 1920 's. Flapper 's were woman of the 1920 's who took part in unconventional behavior and revolted against the set roles for women of the 1920 's. Not many women were flapper 's, but the ones who were lived life moment to moment, living a carefree exciting life. These women became a trend for other women who wanted to be a "modern woman of the time" (Carl E. Rollyson 314 ). Though the trend was short lived, it left an ever lasting effect on women and their roles in society.
Flapper 's were women of the 1920 's who were a cultural force who revolted against the standard gender roles and morals of the time (Timaru Herald 20). These women who identify as flapper 's were a new phase in feminism, the changing attitudes they inspired, changed the mindset of the people in the roaring twenties. Some could say they played a generally greater roll in society then we realize, their influence increasing allowed females to enroll in college, enter the workforce, and participate in politics ( Carl E. Rollyson 314). Flappers embraced unconventional
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The culture surrounded by the clothing trend is associated with a sense of freedom that is expressed in fashion ( Ahuja Snigdna). The look consisted of cloche hats, silk skin tone stockings, fake jewelry, bobbed short hair, and short dresses, which were loose, breezy sequined that had a fearless glam to it (The Roaring Twenties 30). Flapper 's even had their own body type , which was flat chested, slim and hipless. The body type had a "boyish figure" to it that is referred to as "garconne" (Jacqueline herald 28). Makeup worn by flapper 's was bright pink cheeks, hot red lipstick, a lot of eye shadow and mascara. These women didn 't wear corsets, exposed their legs and danced to new jazz music. The look shocked Americas values, that were rapidly changing at the

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