Essay on Changes After The First World War

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There were dramatic changes after the first world war there wasn 't just one new change there was numerous changes. People at that time would often call this time period the roaring twenties, era of the flappers, and/or the Jazz age. (A New) During the twenties, women started to change how they appear, what they did what influences them as well. Many thought it was acceptable that it was happening and others didn’t like that women were changing. America was changing, why couldn’t women change with it too.
Women start changing the fashion trends by changing with the clothes they wear. Before the twenties women would never show their legs and bare arms now they are starting to show more. Dress began to become shorter in length, but was never further than their knees. However during the decade the hemline did fall again, then rose during the mid twenties, and then at the end of the decade it once again fell. (Women) The dresses had new and bright colors, and all kinds of fabrics. (1920s Women) They had new textures, and patterns than any of the decade before. Dresses were made lighter and more comfortable to wear. Dresses were more light due to the less material being used and the new synthetic fabric, that fashion designer started to use. Dresses didn’t always just have fabric on them. They became to come with even more elaborate items on them like beads and fringes coming off them. Shoes and stockings started to become even more important because they were being seen now…

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