Change A School Mission And Vision Essay example

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In order to change a schools mission and vision you must first determine if the mission and vision are not accurate or well suited to the population it serves. On must first look at the culture of the school to make this determination. For better or for worse, culture influences much of what is thought, said, and done in a school (Sergiovanni, pg.23). The first step would be to ask teachers and staff to describe the actual culture of the school, and what they want it to be. Using a list of 2-3 questions staff would be asked to electronically submit an answer about what they think the true culture of the school is or isn’t, the good, the bad and the ugly and things they would like to see. A Temporary committee would then compile this information across a spectrum from ideal to totally imperfect. The reason for the temporary committee is that the school is young in its exist and had 50% turn over the year before. There are low levels of trust and knowledge about each other and forming a permanent committee too soon may undermine the role the committee plays or the trust leadership needs to build.
The next step would be to ask Professional Learning Teams (PLT’s) to come up with what they believe the definition of our current school mission and vision are. What are their interpretations? Lastly, teachers and staff would be grouped heterogeneously and asked to create a full description of the clientele we serve. Since schools often serve more than one type of student they…

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