Chance Vs Choice In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare through the use of characterization is able to portray different themes throughout all of his work. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare uses the characters Juliet, Romeo and Balthasar to display the themes of chance versus choice, love versus hate and the individual versus society. Romeo and Juliet is about two teenagers falling in love from two feuding families. They have to fight with society and find a way to spend their lives together. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet during the Elizabethan era, in this time period women were considered more as objects of desire and were not given the choice of who they marry. They were also ‘owned’ by men, first by their father and then they are given to their husband
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In Romeo and Juliet this theme is displayed through the interaction of Romeo and his servant Balthasar. Balthasar sees Juliet on her death bed and assumes that she is dead, she goes and tells Romeo what he saw in Act 5 “Then she is well, and nothing can be ill. Her body sleeps in the Capulet’s monument” “Let me have a dram of poison, such soon-speeding gear.” (Act 5, scene 1). It was by chance that Balthasar saw what he saw at that particular moment, it was then Romeo’s choice to act that way he did after he heard the news. It was his choice to buy the poison to commit suicide. By having Balthasar and Romeo do these things it clearly displays the theme of chance versus choice, as it was by chance Balthasar saw what he saw, and Romeo’s choice to do what he did with that …show more content…
In this play this theme is portrayed by Juliet. She is fighting an internal battle by loving something that she is supposed to hate. In Act 2 Juliet talks to Romeo about how she does love him but does not know what to do because he is the one thing that she is being too told to hate. “Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thou not a Montague.” (Act 2, Scene 2). Romeo is from the feuding family of Juliet, therefore Juliet is supposed to hate Romeo. Juliet, however, loves him, she is battling with herself because she loves the one thing that she has to hate. She finally admits to herself and Romeo that she loves him. Love to Juliet is stronger than hate. In her heart love is both more powerful and more important to

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