Essay on Challenges Of Women 's Leadership

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Another obstacle to women’s leadership arises in the process of networking, building the set of mentoring and sponsorship relationships people depend on to advance their careers and develop professionally, particularly at the managerial and executive level (Hite, 2004: 131). Especially in male-dominated fields, women struggle more than their male counterparts to develop networks with, as the Head of Diversity at TechX put it, “clout” (Video: Ibarra). RJ became aware of this during Bar Association events, which she described as walking straight into the “Old Boys’ Club.” Although she hesitated to attribute the “little curtain [between her and the male Bar Association colleagues] when [she] walks into a room” to gender, she admitted that “[she does] not socialize with those boys outside of [her] work.” The unity between her colleagues who “all happen to be male,” excludes RJ who “happens to be female.”
Scenarios such as the one RJ described influence women’s ability to develop relationships that could advance their careers. Mentors and sponsors tend to choose protégés who have interests similar to theirs or who remind the senior mentors-and-sponsors-to-be of themselves when they were younger (Sandberg, 2014: 90). Since there are fewer senior women than senior men, the senior men struggle to see part of themselves in the junior women; thus, women have more trouble developing successful mentoring and sponsorship relationships (Correll, Feb. 8).
The problem intensifies when…

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