Special Education Interview

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My interview was with Berkeley Griffith this is her second year of teaching at Lake Highlands Elementary. Last year she was a 1st grade teacher and this year she is teaching 3rd grade. I learned a lot from my interview that is typed out below as well as the opportunity to visit her classroom.
Question 1:
Where did you graduate from college, and did you get your degree in teaching?
“Yes, Abilene Christian University (ACU) I majored in elementary education and special education.”
Question 2:
When did you realize you wanted to be a teacher?
Answer 2:
“Sophomore year in college I was volunteering a lot with kids in after school programs, my grandma was a teacher and my aunt was a teacher as well. I decided I would try out teaching and
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Answer 3:
“The first year of teaching the biggest challenge was classroom management. I was 23 and had classroom full of kids things did not run as smoothly as I imagined, but this year I knew exactly what to do from last year’s mistakes and managing my class soon became easier. One of the major challenges was transitioning from lessons, to small groups, to centers, figuring out how it was going to look and how would I fit it all into the day with the lesson. Keeping up with grading and staying on top of what the district is asking for is a big challenge for a new teacher but it definitely gets
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Answer 4:
“I give every student a job which that student must apply for. Students can apply for up to two jobs and if they don’t get their first choice they get the second one, if they have the best application for it. A great tool that helps me with classroom management is Class Dojo it is an amazing tool to keep in touch with parents about how the student is doing, and post reminders for student and parents as well as pictures of the classroom. Students can use Dojo points they have earned for prizes and privileges for good behavior throughout the week.”
Question 5: Describe your worst and best lesson you have taught and what you have learned from it?
Answer 5:
“Last year with math I felt like I didn’t explain things well to my students, learning how to word things for my 1st grade students in math was particularly hard for me because as an adult adding is second nature. I felt I could have done a better job explaining to my students the concepts more vividly. From this I have learned if my students don’t understand it is always best to reteach it or go over the lesson again, and to use manipulatives.” “My best lesson would probably be when the principal came in and my students are all on their best

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