Delay In Wound Healing

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The community nurses require excellence services and skills that are established to deal with diversity of clinical performance, by preparing the community nurses with diversity of management tasks and difficulties. Nurses are the center of health staffs or caregiver in the community. For instance, what method can be apply to combat infection, what are the dressings types that can be used to control exudate amount and what could be done to ensure and guarantee proper dressings that impart comfort of the patient and not the dressing that can cause additional breakdown or damages to the skin around wound in the course of dressing change or old dressing removal. Patient that is living with a wound is often stained when outflow caused by the …show more content…
Objectives of wound care.
Primary intention wound healing by
Patient will be able to use affected area in future.
To prevent wound complication such as affected limb contracture.
Appropriate use of antibiotics, dressing solutions and materials for wound management
Objectives: research question and/or hypothesis Concepts, phenomena
Age advancement is one of the factors that delay wound healing. It is crucial and important for community nurses to be familiar with the wound healing process in an elderly individual’s woman of 61years of age. Delay in wound healing to some extent is due to comorbidities that are generally realized in the elderly. Evidence has also shown that, certain individual cellular format may possibly impair tissue repair and regenerate, thereby decelerating and slowing down the process of wound healing.
Methods of Study
In this paper the method used is direct collaboration with patient in which the nurses were able to communicate with the patient in order to acquire and receives necessary data appropriate for the research method.
Quantitative or
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Community nurse executes home care on patient with wound by changing wound dressing by following the discharged guidelines and orders from the hospital. This will assist the nurse to be familiar with exactly how to perform Dura fiber Ag dressing on wound that leads to good prognosis of the wound and healing that also view as supplementary toolkits for the community nurse.
Ethical Considerations
Patient approved and agreed with the community nurse on wound management earlier, before embarking on wound management for patient A, that aids the compliances of the patient in the processes of the wound treatments. The Institution Review Board governing the primary care center approved the study. Confirmation and evidenced by venous ulcer healing with the application of Dura fiber Ag dressing material that was used. Wound dressing was performed at the allocated area for wound dressing in order to provide patient privacy for patient.

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