Cervical Strain And Sprain With Rehab Essay

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Cervical Strain and Sprain With Rehab

Cervical strain and sprain are injuries that affect the bones in the neck (cervical spine) and the soft tissues in the neck. A strain is when muscles or tissues (tendons) that connect muscles to bones stretch or tear. A sprain is when the tissues (ligaments) that connect bones stretch or tear. Cervical strains and sprains usually happen because of "whiplash" injuries. Whiplash is when the neck is forcefully whipped backward or forward.
This condition can range from mild to severe. Severe injuries can damage the spinal cord and affect the nerves. Generally, recovery is possible in 1 week to 3 months.

This condition is commonly caused by a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries often happen because of motor vehicle accidents or contact sports. It may also be caused by:
• A fall.
• A hard, direct hit or injury (trauma) to the neck.

This condition is more likely to develop in:
• People who participate in contact sports, diving, or auto racing.
• People who use incorrect tackling technique.
• People who wear equipment that is not properly padded or does not fit correctly.
• People who take risks when driving or riding in a motor vehicle, such as speeding.
• People who have osteoarthritis of the spine.
• People who have poor strength and flexibility of the neck.
• People who have had a previous neck injury.

Symptoms of this condition may include:
• Pain in the neck. You may feel this in the…

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