Censorship : Should Language Be Censored? Essay

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Research of “Censorship: Should Language be censored?” Censorship in America is an ongoing debate in today’s society. Many argue there is too much taking place, while others argue we don’t do enough to control it. In this essay we will examine censorship from four different perspectives. Has censorship gone too far, or have we let it go too far already, is the question? We as Americans love our freedom. When we are restricted, only then do we feel violated. But as a society do we not need some limits set to maintain a civilized world? There are many arguments out there as to what these limits should be. Well known author Roger Rosenblatt’s article “We Are Free to Be You, Me, Stupid, and Dead” defends the right to freedom of speech given by the Constitution. Rosenblatt list a number of examples of protected speeches that many of us would find objectionable, while reminds us “that the Founding Fathers… actually meant it when they allowed someone to do something that would outrage the rest of us” (p. 501). One such example that Rosenblatt talks about is that of famous relief pitcher from the Atlanta Braves, John Rocker. In a statement he made, he did not want to ride New York City’s number 7 subway with all those single moms, queers, and illegal aliens. Although Rocker is entitled to make such a statement, Rosenblatt perceives this a case of free expression that should not be exercised. As Rosenblatt colorfully refers to most of his examples as jackasses, sons…

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