Conformity In Ray Bradbury's Society And Contemporary American Society

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The first similarity between Montag’s society and contemporary American society is the problem of conformity. Conformity is when a group of people or the majority of people behave in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards. The problem with conformity in a society is the deletion of original thoughts or values. The result of conformity destroys the ability to be yourself or what your intuition is telling you. A society like this is not a healthy one and it destroys lives. This is just like an example of how conformity affects people in Montag’s society. The children in Montag’s society are swarmed with violence and very explicit images and scenes on the daily. Because of this the kids seem to live a very dangerous lifestyle …show more content…
Technology can be a good thing in society if it is used right. However when it is used in a bad manner such as blinding people from the lie of a life that they are living then that is when the abuse starts. The abuse in Montag 's society starts with the digital family that Mildred experiences on the daily in the parlor. She honestly believes that a digital family is her real family and she cares about them more than she does about her own family. Montag shows how Mildred 's affection for her digital family is worthless. He says, “Does your family love you, love you very much, love you with all of their heart and soul Millie.” He says this to show that the technology is taking away the meaning of love toward people. The second example of the abuse in technology is the ability for the average citizen to change technology 's settings to hurt people. The Mechanical hound is programmed to hurt Montag and attacks him on occasion. In this quote one of the fireman explain how it is easy to change the hound’s settings to hurt somebody. He says, All of the chemical balances and percentages on all of us in this house are recorded. It would be easy for someone to touch the hounds amino acids. That would account for what the hound just did now, reacted toward me.: The third example is Montag’s society is the ability to completely exclude yourself from the normal world and act as if you live another one in technology. You can live a life that is generated by tv screens and audio systems. This quote

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