Censorship Of Schools : A Long Fought War Essay examples

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Censorship in Schools: a Long Fought War Education is how we learn to do everything in our lives. It occurs everywhere we go; schools, friends, family, and our experiences teach us many things. Although, various topics come up during some time periods where we don’t exactly know what people are talking about. This could be because of things that schools won’t teach us. Censorship across the United States of America has affected almost everyone, it appears in many places and it causes harsh arguments. Censoring subjects like religion and sexuality in schools has caused controversy in communities all over the states. Education is very important for children and teens although including subjects like religion and sexuality is a hot and touchy topic. Within the the subjects of religion and sexuality there are two or more sides to the argument. In religion the proponents of preaching religion provide valid arguments for educating students on all religions, for they behold various knowledge. According to Ferguson religion is very relevant and useful in education. This opposites the other side which entails using the law against religious advocates. (Ferguson) On the subject of teaching sexuality in schools there are also two (and a half) sides to that case. One side, advocation teaching sexuality in public schools, are called the leftists. The leftists believe sexuality is a huge importance in life and it should be taught in schools because not every parent will talk to their…

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