Censorship And Schools : Censorship Essay

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Censorship and Schools Nowhere is the debate over censorship more heated than in schools and universities. Parents want to protect their kids, students want to be heard over others and schools want to avoid any disruptive problems. It’s a fine line that many people tread and are uncertain about what to do, but when you look deeper into the issue the answer becomes clearer. There shouldn’t be any censorship in schools because doing so undermines our rights to free speech, prevents productive conversation and disrupts higher learning; we need to encourage free speech before nobody is allowed to open their mouths anymore. The biggest argument for censoring schools is “age appropriate.” The phrase “age appropriate” is a term used to describe anything that people don’t want young students to access. This most often come in the form of book bans. Parents wish to protect their children from anything they can, whether it be foul language, drugs, sex, or witchcraft. The need to protect kids from harm is an admirable cause but the use of “age appropriate” is wrong. The term generally means “does the child have the intellectual and emotional maturity to process the information? Ulysses is not age-appropriate for 4th grade readers not because of its mature content, but because 4th graders aren’t mature enough to put it in context. Physics is not age-appropriate because it requires math skills not yet taught.”(Kunzig, Who should decide what high school kids read?) To often the…

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